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Trademark (TM) Process

[FREE Malaysia TM Search + Professional Advice]

 Step 1 

Malaysia Trademark Search

Trademark Search is essential to ensure that the words or logo does not infringe on the other registered marks before filing the trademark application. The success rate of acceptance and professional advice will be given.

(Duration: 1-2 working days)

Trademark Filing, Publication & Registration

To file, publish and register your trademark.

Upon filing, your trademark will automatically be protected in Malaysia even if it's yet to be approved by the Registrar. You may also use the ™ symbol next to your trademark. Once your trademark has gone through the entire registration process and a Registration Certificate is issued, you may then replace the ™ symbol with the ® symbol, signifying Registered.

(Duration : 12-15 months)

 Step 2 

What Does...


Mean To You...?

What does 'Trademark Registration' mean for you...?

And why should you register your brand?

For every business owner it's different...

For some of you, it's a marketing strategy to make your business looks more trustworthy and let your clients know that you are serious about your business.

For others, you want to prevent copycats from 'stealing' or infringing your brand and benefiting off your hard work.

And for others of you, you're aware that your trademark is actually your company's 'hidden asset' which allows you to grow your business and create impact in the business world.

But before you start making any decision, let me ask you a few questions...

Are you just getting started and looking for an economic way to get your trademark protected? 

Are you seeking for professional advice on how to get your trademark safely registered?

Do you have any copycat competitors who are ripping off your brand?

Are you trying to figure out a way to grow and expand your business?

Are you convinced that you need to register your brand, but not sure how or where to start?

Are you about to launch your next/new brand, and want to make sure that no one can 'steal' it?

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then You Are ONE Step Away From Fulfilling Them!


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So, Here Is How We Roll...

Our CRAZY Trademark Registration Package 

covers all kind of services and legal fees.

Unlike the outside market, we DO NOT HAVE ANY HIDDEN COSTS.

With the CRAZY Trademark Registration Package, we could easily charge up to RM7,700 for a complete registration...

Probably even RM8,000, or more, but if you go for our premium package...


That's Just Enough To Help Cover The Filing Fees For The Outside Market!

Then In Exchange For That Petty RM2k+ Investment, You'll Get All Of These:

  • Trademark Search                                            (RM500 Value)

  • Trademark Application                                (RM2,500 Value)

  •  BONUS : Handling Objection By Lawyer   (RM3,800 Value)

  •  BONUS : Professional Consultation              (RM300 Value)

  •  BONUS : Trademark Analysis                        (RM300 Value)

  •  BONUS : RM300 Service Voucher                  (RM300 Value)

  • BONUS : Full Refund/Free Re-file*                  (Infinite Value)

                 * Terms & Condition Applied​

Total Value: RM7,700 RM2k+ NOW!

If You Want To Get Your Brand Protected In An Economic & Professional Way,

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The 100% No-Risk Promise

Our Clients Deserve The Best Service.

There's Absolutely No-Risk In Giving It A Try.

Even If Your Application Is Fully Rejected, You Can Simply Ask For A FULL REFUND!

*Terms and conditions applied

How Trademark Benefits

Your Business?

Trademark appreciates in value over time and can lead to the acquisition of your business by a larger corporation

Trademark can be sold or transferred to a third party to maximize your profits

Trademark represents your business identity so that clients can easily recognize you

Trademark prevents copycats from stealing and profiting from your brand

Trademark allows for ease in the enforcement as it reduces the hassle of proof in legal actions.

Trademark can be used as an effective marketing tool

Trademark can be monetized through licensing or franchising

And a lot more...

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