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"Imagine if every detail of your brand—not just your products but your name, logo, and unique identity—could work harder for you, turning every aspect of your business into an opportunity for unparalleled growth and revenue. This isn’t just about protection; it’s about leveraging your brand to its fullest potential, transforming every element into a profit-making asset."

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Making Trademark Registration Easy 

Free Malaysia TM Search & Expert Advice for You

We make trademarks easy for you. Our service turns a complicated process into a simple, stress-free journey from start to finish. We guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth way to protect your brand.

Quick Malaysia Trademark Search

Start Easily

Step 1:

Begin your brand protection with our expedited trademark search, completed within just 1-2 working days. This crucial step ensures your brand’s uniqueness, significantly enhancing the likelihood of your trademark’s approval. With professional insights provided, we aim to eliminate uncertainties, guiding you with clarity and confidence.

Step 2:

Easy Trademark Filing, Publication, & Registration

Protect Your Brand

Advance confidently with our support in filing, publishing, and registering your trademark. Enjoy the privilege of brand protection under Malaysian law immediately upon filing, symbolized by the ™ mark next to your name. This comprehensive process, taking 8-10 months, is meticulously handled by us to transition your trademark status from ™ to ®, officially registering your mark. Achieve this significant milestone without stress, as we’ve tailored our process to be as straightforward and reassuring as possible.

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