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Welcome to Your Orientation Page!

Step 2:

Register For These Accounts

All businesses need tools to ensure maximum productivity and success. 


Here are some of the tools that we will be using in the workshop, and we recommend you to sign up for them under the “free trial” deal.


This way, you can test it out first – and then if you like it, you can keep it & use it in your business.


ClickFunnels (Free 2 Weeks Trial): ClickFunnels is what we use to create our websites by just drag-and-drop, point-and- click. This online service is forever changing the web design landscape and you no longer need development and programming skills to create websites. Click Here to Register A ClickFunnels Account. (Register In The Class)

Google Account: You will need to have a Google Account to get started with our class as we will be using Gmail and Google Drive. Click Here to Register A Google Account. 


Canva: Canva is a very basic "drag-and-drop" tool to help you to craft simple banner images and graphics for your social media marketing. With Canva, you don't need any complicated Photoshop skills. Click Here to Register Your Free Account Here. 


Step 3:

Get A PayPal Account

Inside the training, we will be using PayPal as our main payment processor.

To better facilitate the technical sessions on day two, you should try to set up your PayPal business account. (A personal account works too, but it is better to prepare a business account.) If you don't have a business name yet, just fill up the the fields with placeholder information.

You can register for a PayPal account here.

Step 4:

Bring These When You Come To The Class

1) Laptop, Smartphone & 

Their Charging Cables

We will be using laptop on the second day of the class where you will learn to set up your website, Facebook Ads and many more. Please come with your laptop, fully-charged as there might be no extension cable.


*Note: Many people ask me if they need to buy a new laptop for this class. The answer is no. You don’t need a new fancy laptop. Just something simple will do. If you have to bring a desktop, bring a desktop. 


2) Internet Dongle, Personal Hotspot or Smart Phone With Hotspot

We always expect the event room that we rented to have terrible internet. Very rarely do an event room gives us good internet. So, make sure to bring your own internet dongle or smartphone with personal hotspot.


3) Light Jacket

We will keep the room cool to ensure the energy is right in the room. We will also fluctuate the temperature in the room to ensure maximum learning experience. So bring a jacket with you.


If you’re afraid of cold, we recommend you to bring along thicker jackets.

4) Healthy, Light Snacks

Due to the long period of time we will be spending together, we highly recommend you to bring some healthy, light snacks to maintain your energy level. Our personal recommendations are raw nuts (almonds, cashews) and vegetable chips.

5) Water Bottle (With Cap)

Bring along a water bottle so you don’t need to walk a lot to get 

drinking water. Make sure your water bottle has a closed cap as we do not want the water to spill on your notes or other people's notes. 


*If you want to bring a hot drink into the room, please make sure to fill it up in a closed cap container. 

6) Pens & Writing Materials

Bring along extra pens so you can write notes effectively. Occasionally, our venue provider will provide pens, but bring your own anyway just in case pens will not be provided. (Workbook will be provided)

Need Help Before The Class Is Starting?

Send us an email to Joey ( or send

us a Whatsapp message to +6016 233 4399

This is not a "get rich quick" scheme or program. This is a real business program that will help you

set up a real online business. If you need help, contact our support at

Please Follow All The INSTRUCTIONS on This Page to Get Yourself Ready Before

The Workshop. It Is Vital That You Complete All The Steps Before You Come to

The Workshop Otherwise You Will Miss Out On A Lot:

CLASS TIMING: 9AM – 5PM. (Registration begins at 8.45am)

Don’t be late. We will begin on time. Class may ends late depending

on the speed of the class. 

Step 1:

Sign Up For Domain Name. (Optional)

If you want to open a cafe, you must own a name for the business & you must also rent/purchase a location so you can run your business.


Starting an online business is no different.


To have a proper business online, you’ll need a DOMAIN NAME


To get your domain name, you can register one for a very low price at (We highly recommend you register with GoDaddy because it is the most stable service & their customer support is top notch)


IMPORTANT: Most people struggled with thinking of the name for their domain name, and if you’re one of them, I highly recommend you to start with a domain either around your passion or your name. (i.e.,,, etc.) Don’t waste your time thinking of a domain name because you can always buy a brand new domain name after the workshop. 

finalise logo.JPG


The iSpace Venue PJ Trade Centre (PJ Branch)

Unit B-07-02, Menara Bata,

NO 8, PJU 8/8A Damansara Perdana,

47820 Petaling Jaya,


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