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TM vs R vs C: What exactly do they mean?

1) TM (Trademark) Trademark covers word, phrase (tagline), logo, numbers, sound, scent, shape or design that identifies goods or services that come from a particular source, for instance, your business. The TM symbol is often used by many to signal the others that they are claiming the right to use the brand as a trademark, although they may not be registered yet.

2) R (Registered) A registered trade mark is denoted by the ® symbol. This means that the trade mark has been officially registered and approved by the IP office for the goods and services that it is applied for. A registered trade mark is eligible to enjoy further protection from infringement under the Intellectual Property Laws.

3) C (Copyright) Copyright is an automatic form of intellectual property. There is no legal requirement to register it. However, by filing a copyright notification, it gives the owner a solid evidence/proof to legally enforce his/her copycats for usage of his/her copyrighted works. Works of copyright include literary, musical, film, screen or artistic work.

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